Quick Kit

The Screw Up Quick Kit For Extension Poles and Power Drills

Quick Kit Package

The Screw UpĀ® Quick Kit for Extension Poles and Power Drills gives you a choice of socket sizes and hang tools. The built-in quick change unit and magnetic sockets allow rapid and safe installation of items to high places, such as ceilings, caves, and tree limbs. Hang Christmas lights, bird feeders and decorations without a ladder!


  • Quick change unit
  • Magnetic sockets
  • Four different socket sizes
  • Hang tools for cable and string
  • Use with extension pole or drill
  • Assorted screw hooks included
  • Screw hooks also available separately
  • No other tool like it!
Quick Kit Pictures
Quick Kit Picture
Includes 2 Hang Tools3 Way Screw Hook Installation

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