I've been looking for some sort of adapter for those pesky hooks for some time -- I'm glad someone invented it!

Thanks so much,

Scott Dickson

It was just as advertised. I was able to hang my Christmas light without using a ladder... even on the 16 foot peaks. I'm grateful for a truly useful tool!

Merry Christmas,


Roy Garrison

The Screw Up tool works as advertised and I have recommended it to several friends.

Cindy Hall

Yes, I have used it and loved it. Many thanks for inventing it. Wished I had it a long time ago.

Thanks again....


I used the Quick Kit to hang Christmas lights on my apartment. It was extremely useful because there was no room to put a ladder and the landlord would never let me get on the roof. I'm now the only person in our complex with Christmas lights on his eves thanks to the Screw Up!

Dave Johnstone, Davis

The tool works great. I used it to screw hangers into my eaves to hang Xmas lights on. I used an extension pole. I also used the tool to hang my lights. No problem. No more scaling the ladder in muddy soil to hang the lights from my gutters.


The Christmas lights went up like a dream!

Bob Vukas, Topeka, Kansas

I ordered your Screw Up product 10 days ago and I am delighted at how easy it was to put up my Christmas lights this year. The hassles of the ladder, a spotter, and fighting the shingles over the garage were all remedied by your product. I am one extremely satisfied customer and I highly recommend your product.